15 December, 2010

angus & julia stone-for you

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La Franglaise said...

I just don't get enough of listening to this bro & sis duo!

Thanks for your comment the other day. How funny that you know my neighbour and his music family! Le monde est vraiment petit (même le monde virtuelle!). To answer your question, I'm actually not a single mum - but it is true that I do not often mention Mr. Franglais in the blog. I guess try to not to give away too much information about my personal life! Anyhow, I admire you for being a single mum. I often wonder how I would manage alone - but I guess you just do, find the strength and energy to bring up a wee person the best you can. That's one of the things that amazes me the most since being a mother: the positive energy I manage to find even on the worst days.

Anyway dear musiqueblox, keep up the good music videos on your blog. I'll be back to see more. A bientôt! xx